Frequently Asked Questions

With the aim of helping potential clients, here are answers to questions you might have.


What exactly do you sell?
Infiniti Graphics sells identity design that differentiates from the competition. We create brand experiences. A brand is not a tangible product, but a feeling people get when they encounter your company. We write the story that evokes those feelings and creates that experience. Although difficult to measure, the aim is to boost client profits through improved attraction and retention of ideal customer bases. Please see the services we provide.

How much does it cost to work with you?
It varies depending on the needs of each client, and we are happy to provide a quote after you share those needs. Think of brand identity design as an investment. It’s a venture that when combined with a great product or service will pay off year upon year for the entire life of a business. If you understand how profitable good design can be, it’d be a pleasure to talk.

So in so charges less. Can you match them?
There are various reasons why one company may charge $300 for a logo, and another charges $900 (ex: time spent on projects, level of experience and expertise, quality of product/service, etc). Graphic design is like any other service industry; the pricing is based on a value of “worth”. It is up to the buyer to determine whether or not the price justifies the worth. Read what past clients had to say about working with us.

What are your payment methods?
We have multiple ways of invoicing based on our client's needs and the project specifications. We can charge hourly, per project or via monthly retainer. We accept cash, money orders, checks (payable to Infiniti Graphics) and credit cards (Visa, Discover, Master Card and American Express).With most large projects, we request a 50% down payment prior to scheduling the work. The remaining 50% is payable upon completion of the project, prior to supply of the artwork.

What does the process involve?
Here’s a brief overview.

What exactly do I receive during the course of the project?
After project specifics are finalized, and I’ve asked all the questions I need to, clients will usually receive a PDF presentation showcasing effective brand identity options. The designs are shown in a variety of contexts to visualize how the identity adapts and flexes across different touch points.

When everyone’s happy, all necessary artwork is supplied in original formats with full ownership.

Can you make my design look similar to this?
That’d be easy, but is it really a good idea to fit in? It’s more difficult, but ultimately much more rewarding, if the design sets a company apart.

How do I receive my files once a project is complete?
Your final design files will be emailed to you after the project is complete. If for some reason the files can’t be sent via email (i.e. file size), then there is always the option of FTP, Dropbox or cd by mail. If you prefer files be mailed on cd, there will be a $10 convenience fee for projects less than $1,000.

Do I own the rights to a design?
Absolutely! Full ownership of all accepted and agreed to design work is transferred to the client once final payment for a project is received. We only ask for the right to display created works in our portfolios for self promotion purposes only.

Thank you
Feel free to contact us with any other questions that you may have.